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Membership Renewal / Log-In

These instructions can be used to either Log-In to the website or Renew Your Membership.
The most "seamless" way to renew your membership is to log in to the web site.  This method allows you to renew at the Member rate not the "New" Member rate.

    • Log in to the website using your email address and password.
Use the email address that OSC uses to communicate with you (emailed newsletters, emailed registration verification ...).
    • Your password can be easily created by using the "Forgot Password?" link.  By doing this, within seconds, you will receive an email containing a link for creating your password.  (If the system does not recognize the email address that you provide to receive your password then you are not using the email address that you had provided to OSC.)

Click on the LogIn icon below to access the log in form.

Log in

Once you are logged into the web site, you can access the "Renewal" link within your member profile. If your profile doesn't appear on the screen,  click on your name in the upper right hand page corner to access your Profile page.  If you are unable to utilize the email that you had provided to us or have other issues, you will need to contact the OSC Membership Registrar using Contact Us. 

Important: If your membership has lapsed for more than 90 days you will not be able to renew your membership, even though you  may be able to log on to your profile. You must rejoin as a Returning Member. Click to access the Membership Application Form.

Tax Disclosure:  Memberships paid by New York State residents are subject to sales tax. The sales tax rate depends on the mailing address of the member. Onondaga Ski Club pays the the tax on behalf of the purchaser. It is included in the membership fee. 

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