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Onondaga Ski Club Lodge

Group "Entire Lodge" Reservations

The Lodge has the capacity to sleep 24 people.  Click on the "Lodge Pictures and Rooms" link on the Lodge Main page.

effective 5/1/18)

Entire Lodge Reservation:
A family or a group sponsored by an Onondaga Ski Club member can reserve the entire Lodge for a family or group gathering from
May through October of each year. The pricing for such use is shown in the table to the right. 

Family or Group rental May-October.  Rates include  9% Vt. room tax..

$381.50 one day
$490.50 two days
$599.50 three days
$708.50 four days
$817.50 five days
$926.50 one week (one day free)

For each additional day over 7 (1 week), add $109.00 to the $925.50 weekly fee.

Reservation not to exceed 14 days

In order to reserve the Lodge for a group (up to 24 people) during the summer months (May through October), it is required that the Group Leader ensure that all guests are members of the Onondaga Ski Club.

Reservation questions may be directed to Lee Wakefield at (315) 420-9123 (cell)

In order to book the Lodge, the Group Leader must provide two copies of a typed sheet of paper that includes the following information:
(1) Header that indicates a "Lodge Group Reservation".
(2) The Group Leader's full name, address, contact telephone number, and email address (if one exists)
(3) The initial date the group plans to arrive at the Lodge (mm/dd/yyyy).
(4) The desired length of stay in days
(5) The full name and contact phone number of each individual in the group.

Group Leader will provide one single check payment that covers the rate published for payment, made out to "Onondaga Ski Club" when the reservation date(s) is approved.

The group leader shall mail the required information and the single payment check to the following address:
Lee Wakefield
105 Sotherden Dr
Liverpool, NY 13090

The Group Leader may arrange room assignments with individual group members in any way he or she deems appropiate.  This website contains room descriptions, room occupancy capacity, and floor plans to facilitate this process.

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