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Election Process

As written in the OSC By-Laws, the Club is required to request nominations and to hold an election each year.  Our candidates must be elected by a quorum (10%) of members whether there is one or more candidates for a position.  Your vote creates this quorum.  Your "yea" or "nay" allows us to validate our choice of candidates.  PLEASE plan to vote! 

April: Ballot Available - An email will be sent to members with a link to the voting ballot.  Voting will be from:
Tues Apr 1th at 8:00am to Sun Apr 7th - until 11:59pm.  (2024)

If you did cannot locate the sent email contact Darlene (dkdevendorf@gmail.com) before Sun Apr 7th.

April Annual Meeting: Ballots (online voting) will be counted and the results will be available on the day of the April Annual Meeting

Candidates and Proposals 2024

President Candidate: Maggie Timofy
Vice President Candidate: Gary Tarolli

Director Candidates:
(5 positions available, see Bios below)

Mary Clements

Kathy See

Bill Slusarz

Jennifer Thayer

Peter Wynyard

Proposal:  Changes to By-Laws
Link to Changes PDF)
There has been a proposed change to the Bylaws.  Please view before voting.

Candidate Bios

President Candidate: Maggie Timofy

I have been a member since the fall of 2018. I joined to make friends and have people to ski

with. I’ve been on the board of directors before being asked to move into the position of vice

president. I’ve helped out with a couple of trips as an assistant, also a number of committees. I

love our general meetings and really enjoy being involved with them. Tom has been a great role

model, and helped to prepare me to step forward as the next Club president. I will continue to

promote the club and motivate more people to volunteer for the various positions and commit-

tees that help all of us to do what we love: go on ski trips, attend social events, bike, hike and


Vice President Candidate: Gary Tarolli

I have been a member of Onondaga Ski Club since 2015, held a seat on the Board since 2019,

and been Recording Secretary since 2022. Additionally, I have been a member of the Trip Com-

mittee and been involved with leading 4 OSC Western Ski Trips.

I consider myself capable of performing the responsibilities of the position. The experience I’ve

gained while with the Club will help me successfully support the President and assume all duties of the President in their absence. I am detail and procedure oriented, organized, and have the necessary computer skills. I’m asking for your vote so I may continue assisting the Club in doing what it does best, ensuring its members enjoy themselves pursuing activities they are passionate about.

Director Candidate:  Mary Clements

My name is Mary Clements and I am running for the OSC Board of Directors. My husband and

I joined OSC 9 years ago and have enjoyed ski trips and many of the year round activities

including biking, hiking, happy hours and club meetings. I enjoy being a part of this group

because they are involved, active and social. I was involved in the planning of the “Tropical

Paradise” and “Celebrating Woodstock” golf tournaments. I have worked with the long range

planning committee on this past years membership survey and have recently become the

membership registrar. I love the challenge of coming up with new events and activities to bring

people together. This past year I have been filling a vacancy on the Board of Directors and

have learned so much more about the club which is why I am running now for a full term.

Director Candidate:  Kathy See

Hi - My name is Kathy See and I have been a member since 2013. I would like to continue an-

other term on the OSC Board. I am so grateful that those before us took the time to carry the

club forward – we really have a great four-season club for the Syracuse area.

I have enjoyed my time with various events throughout the year. It’s a way to connect with other

likeminded people, whether it’s a hike, picnic, skiing trip or a happy hour. It’s always great to see

everyone. I was on the Trip Committee for five years, and my term with the Trip Committee expired last year. I am now a member of the Marketing Committee. I am looking forward to working with the committee members to see how I can contribute.  I look forward to continuing to support the club as a Board member and a committee member.

Director Candidate Bill Slusarz

Hi, I’m Bill Slusarz, and I’m running for a seat on the Board of Directors. I’ve been a member of OSC on and off for about 20 years. The last 4 years I’ve been a member of the Trip Committee and helped organize winter trips to Cannon/Loon in New Hampshire and Whiteface in Lake Placid. I’ve also organized some local XC ski outings in the seemingly rare occasion when we’ve had enough snow these last few years. Some of the other activities I participate in are biking, hiking, golf, and the book club.  OSC is community asset and an organization that can continue to remain relevant and grow due to its diverse active membership. I’d like to contribute my help to ensure its continued success.

Director Candidate:  Jennifer Thayer

I have been a member since 2017 and have been skiing since 1965.My ski bus went to Snow

Ridge in Turin!  As an Architect, I started working as sole proprietor in 2004. I was wondering how to ski more, spend less, and spend some time with people. I came up with ski instructing and have loved it ever since. If you ask anyone why they instruct, the honest answer has to be free skiing! I have learned to also love the experience of seeing someone get turned on to skiing and enjoy all the people I met at Labrador!

My husband, Mick Baker, and I were interested in taking more ski trips so we checked out the

club. The trips are amazing but I also appreciate how the club functions to help keep people active and puts people together socially! I admire how the club functions and am looking forward to learning more about the board of directors.

I currently volunteer at the Assumption Church Food Pantry and am a Neighborhood Representative for the Alzheimer’s Association. Previously, I volunteered at Sunshine Horses and was Director of Volunteers for four years. I appreciate the flexibility of my retired schedule to be able to work in a volunteer capacity.

I’m not sure about what area I could work in to best serve the club. A couple of months on the

board should make that clear how I can best bring my experience to the club.

Thank you for your consideration.

Director Candidate:  Peter Wynyard

When I legally immigrated to the United States from England when I was 4 years old, my dad

said that since the winters are so long in Syracuse that his three sons should learn to ski. My first

experience on skis was at Drumlins Ski Resort, which today is the 18th green on the west

course. After serving in the US Navy and moving back to Syracuse, I taught skiing and snow-

boarding at Song Mt for 23 years. Now I occasionally teach at Killington as a Temp instructor

during their Brit weeks. It would be my honor to continue serving on the board of Onondaga ski


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