Commercial Advertisers
Commercial Advertisers & Sponsors
last updated: 2017-01-07 15:18:42

The following companies either support the Onondaga Ski Club by purchasing advertising or they offer discounts to members carrying a current membership card. Advertising is displayed on our website and under the "Hot Deals" tab on the main menu above. 

Most of these companies offer discounts if you show your current Onondaga Ski Club membership card and a photo ID. So take advantage of your savings, and frequent these organizations that also support us.

Advance Cyclery Sales & Service
Aquatic World
Bike Loft East
Cannon Pools
Four Seasons Golf & Ski Center
Gore Mountain
Greek Peak Mountain Resort
Hunter Mountain
Labrador Mountain
Melo Velo
Snow Ridge
Song Mountain
Syracuse Bicycle
Specialized Therapeutic Massage of CNY
Tailwater Lodge
The Bikery
Toggenburg Mountain
Whiteface Mountain

Advertising Rates
last updated: 2015-06-15 07:42:55

Print this page and submit to Onondaga Ski Club.  Questions, contact Scott Launt (315) 427-7118

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