Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
November 2011 Board Meeting Minutes
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Onondaga Ski Club

Meeting Minutes

1 November 2011


Present:   Jack Lancette, John Sonne, John Tuttle, Pat Ray Toll, Joann Butler, Leo Naylor, Dave Devendorf, Mary Ann Zeppetello, Diane Clark, Steve Knowles, Carol Knowles, Marv Patnode, Scott Severance, Dave Devendorf, Leo Naylor, Allan Smith

Guests:   Ken Robbins, Bob Wylie

Excused:  Mark Bidwell, Neville Sachs, Dawn Penniman

 The meeting started at 7:16:10 PM.

  The minutes were approved.

 Treasurer Report

 John Tuttle mailed the monthly financial reports to Board members. He made the comment that we were behind in Dues and Lodge income and Lodge expenses were up. Pat Toll asked about the discrepancy in the Lodge taxes. The treasure said we were current and could not explain the difference.

Committee Reports


Bob Wiley's membership is attached. We have fewer new members this years than last year at this point.

 Lodge Report

Ken Robbins reported an the lodge weekend. The repairs that were anticipated we're made along with the routine maintenance. The attic was insulated and the ceiling in the second floor rooms and it is hoped to make a difference in the ice build up. The follow up with a second water tests showed the presence of coliform bacteria still. Jack explained and described the second well which is in place but Joann noted that the well was never connected.

There was some discussion of short term and long term solutions.

 John Tuttle made motion to have Ken get three bids and find the best way to mitigate the problem. Seconded by Joann. The motion passed unanimously. It was suggested that we provide safe water in the meantime.

 Scott moved to provide safe adequate drinking water for visitors. Seconded by Allen. The motion passed unanimously.

 Marketing Committee

Marv reported on the various efforts including the Warren Miller film (which has 8 tickets left) programs with the ski hills and the club logo contest.

 Website Committee

Dave Devendorf explained the glitch in the membership notice and reported that it has been remedied. The website is averaging 2500 website visits a month. Online lift  tickets should generate considerable interest in belonging to the club. John Tuttle presented conflicting tax information with information found out about sales tax on ski tickets included in sporting ticket tax law.  Marv Patnode suggested that Dave Devendorf and  John Tuttle sit down with our accountant to render a decision.

 Unfinished Business

Club Logo

Caitlin Devendorf presented more details for the logo contest. Steve Knowles suggested  rewording  the poster to better fleet the ownership of the entries.

 Some expressed that the $500 was too much and suggested lesser amounts. There was concern that more of the membership should help determine the logo choice. Marv will post the Marketing Committee meeting and interested people can attend. Caitlin moved that there be a cash prize of $500 for the winner seconded by Maryann Zeppetello. Passed unanimously.

 Unfinished Business

Adopt a Highway was discussed and it's flagging interest. Jack expressed the possibility of other community efforts. Marv suggested that if we really wanted to have a significant effort for additional community projects it would require a coordinated committed member to do it as a year round effort. The Board will solicit volunteers. Mary Ann Zeppetello  suggested that Jack Lancette point our to the members that the Adopt a Highway is a responsibility for the Club. Marv pointed out that using the OSC Happenings would reach more people. Perhaps we could use the Rt 81 sign in promoting the committee.           

New Business

John Sonne introduced a discussion on the appropriateness of some communications in OSC Happenings. There waas discussion about protocols for OSC Happenings oversight. Maryann Zeppetello , Carol Knowles and John Sonne were appointed to this Ad Hoc committee by executive decision of President Jack Lancette.

We discussed paying for capital improvements for the Lodge. Marv stated that we just need to apply the expenditures in conjunction with the financial guidelines established by the previous administration.


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