Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
February 2012 Board Meeting Minutes
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Onondaga Ski Club

Meeting Minutes

31 January 2012

(this meeting represents the February 2012 meeting )


Present:   Jack Lancette, John Sonne, Dawn Penniman, Pat Ray Toll, Joann Butler, Dave Devendorf, Mary Ann Zeppetello, Diane Clark, Steve Knowles, Carol Knowles, Marv Patnode, Dave Devendorf, Neville Sachs, Art Toll

Guests:   Ken Robbins, Lynn Miller, Garre Krayenhof

Excused: Mark Bidwell, Leo Naylor, Scott Severance,

 The meeting started at 7:00:00PM.

  The minutes were approved.


Treasurer Report

 John Tuttle could not prepare the financial reports due to the early meeting date.

 Committee Reports


Bob Wiley's report  stated that the membership is 625. The full report is attached.

 Bob will present at the next meeting his recommendation to eliminate the paper Boomer. Board discussion pointed out that there was much volunteer work to produce the needed 47 Boomer copies as well as some significant expense. John Tuttle suggested that the Finance Committee take up the discussion from the standpoint of the effect on the budget.

   Lodge Report

 Ken Robbins summarized the work on the water system to date. The water sample testing shows no presence of coliform organisms. It was noted by Neville Sachs that there was significant heat loss and erratic operation of the furnace. A part was replaced.

 Neville suggested that we look at the furnace sinc eit appers to be quiute inefficient and the dampers in the ducts don not allow for accurate heat delivery that the thermostats are calling for.

   Website Committee

 Twenty-eight new members and thirty people renewed via the website. The email membership reminders got a great response and saves more than $100 in postage.

Dave Devendorf will step back from responsibility of the Website and that the Treasurer can take care of the costs of the MadMimi and domain name.


Nominating Committee

Slate: President- Jack Lancette, Steve Knowles- Second Vice president, Secretary- carol Knowles

Directors: John Baker, Chris Krauss, Larry Knoble, Peggy Hotaling, Dick Walters, Lee Green, Mark Bidwell


Unfinished Business

VT tax

The club is participating in paying VT  tax up until May 2012.  The liability will be around $4200 plus interest.  The  VT tax of 9% will be added to the room rate effective with the next reservation.  ACTION

 Sales Tax for NY

 There still is some uncertainty in the sales tax from clothing sales. It will be discussed with Diane Emmick. ACTION


Water Committee

Garre Krayenhof led the discussion and presented a written report that was summarized during the meeting. The details are presented in the report.

 The motion was made by John Tuttle to accept the Lodge Water Committee recommendations including short term 1, 2, 3 and long term 1 but exclude long term 2.  Seconded by Diane Clark. The motion passed unanimously.

 Steve Knowles made the motion to permanently document the water safety investigations and reports in a permanent location. Seconded by Carol Knowles. Passed unanimously.  ACTION

 Marv Patnode moved that we store the pertinent information in a secure location seconded by John Tuttle. Discussion by the Board produces the suggestion to solicit info from past Presidents and committee heads   Marv added the motion that there be a means of sharing this information. Passed unanimously. ACTION

  Dave Devendorf introduced the question of if the well testing be submitted to the Vermont so that we have fully complied with any requirements. Kenny was uncertain if this was done or if it was required.

Lynn Miller raised the question of whether OSC carried insurance for the board members and that it was a consideration for her when asked to consider running for the board.  The question was answered that there is not insurance in force to protect the board members specifically.  It was noted that there is some protection because we are a 5013C corporation and if a member sues the organization they are suing themselves.  It was stated that insurance for the board members was too expensive.  Lynn asked for a ballpark estimate of the cost of such insurance and the answer provided was "a lot" and that it was usually purchased by larger organizations.


New Business

Caitlin Devendorf has resigned from the Board. Suggestions were solicited and Diane Clark suggested John Baker. Joann Butler moved that we approve Mr. Baker for the position . The motion was passed unanimously.

 The Finance Committee was restructured by President Lancette to include Dawn Penniman, Steve Knowles, John Sonne with John Tuttle chairing the Committee effective this date. The motion was seconded. Passed unanimously.

John Tuttle suggested that we  consider term limits.



Pig Roast scheduled at Pratts Falls for June 24, 2012.

Adopt a Highway May 5.


Neville Sachs posed the question if we considered joining the Connecticut Ski Council that may have significant benefits. Dawn Penniman will investigate and report back. ACTION


The meeting adjourned at 8:35. The next meeting will be at the Dewitt Library  at 7:00 p.m. March 6, 2012.


Respectfully submitted,

John E. Sonne, Secretary




Monthly OSC Membership Report for January 28, 2012


Membership Year                    2009    2010    2011    2012

Totals members to date           584      608      613      625     

New members               -         159      146      134

Junior                                      13        13        22        20       

Paper Boomers                        50          -         51        47       

Non Renewals                        153        -         196      212     


Interesting note  95 of the 134 new members joined using Paypal

Bob Wiley  1/28/2012






H2O Committee Meeting

24 January 2012


Meeting Commenced at 2:15 pm

Meeting adjourned at 4:30 pm


All Committee Members are present: Lou Wasel, Art Toll, Garre Krayenhof, and Mike McCabe

 Others Present include: Jack Lancette and Steve Knowles


Lou opens the dialog stating that our sources of technical information may not be valid and a need for an expert is desired.

Q? – why is the septic system so close to the house?

Garre replied that the locations are historical facts and we may never learn the reasons why.

Jack called OSC member ‘R Carter’ but learned he is not the same ‘R Carter’ whose name is on the septic drawing.

Mike questioned if the size of the septic system is adequate for the size of our lodge. The septic drawing states that the septic is sized for 45 occupants.

Our current well has a ceramic tube extending from below ground up approximately 4 ft. We are not sure if flood waters from hurricane Irene entered the well, but Jack thinks not due to the presence of high water marks which are approximately 36” on other items.

Garre cautions the board to be concerned about law suits. Mike says he has talked with Mark Bidwell, who is an attorney, and says signs in place are adequate for advising lodge guest not to drink water from the faucets. Bottled drinking water has been provided and will continue to be provided until a long term solution has been implemented.

Jack states the UV system is past the storage tanks. He can install a solenoid to stop the flow of water and wire it so it’s on the same power switch as the hot water tank, which is listed in the lodge guest instruction sheet. Jack provided an email from the UV manufacturer that states a solenoid cutoff valve would break the flow of untreated water when water flow is not required.

Lou suggested using double solenoids for a back-up; it was decided that this was excessive.


References of being sued over water issues by a member results in that member suing them self. – a question for a lawyer.


Discussion continued for a long term solution.

Art asks if we should locate a new well. Mike suggested we hire a hydrologist to help us understand our septic system location – where are the distribution tanks and leach lines.

Mike, Jack and Art thought Neville would be helpful in communicating with VT professionals who could help us understand the difference in a ‘public’ and ‘private’ well; and which one is the best fit for us and if it is decided a new well is needed at all.

(We have since learned that we qualify as a private facility.)


Garre recommend that we should ask Neville to act as the ‘Engineering Director’ for the project.


The waiver that the Lodge Committee was originally supposed to use is still under





Lodge Water Committee Meeting

24 January 2012


Committee Recommendations to the board.


Short term:

1)      The signs prohibiting consumption of the water shall remain in place and bottled water shall be provided to protect the members until a long term solution is implemented.


2)      Lodge committee is to take water samples (before the filter) during “Work Weekend” two times per year. The board is to require the test results be presented at the following board meeting and permanently documented.


3)      An electrically controlled water cutoff solenoid valve shall be installed in the UV system per the VT state recommendations.


Long term:

1)       Board is to ask Neville Sachs to be the ‘Authority’ in this matter on behalf of the club, to communicate with VT professionals, provide guidance and pass along understanding of actions that need to be accomplished to this committee.


2)      The board should allocate funds as needed to hire a professional VT engineer. One who can investigate the health of our well and septic system, and to investigate state requirements relative to well type, ‘public’ / ‘private‘ and how each type would pertain to the lodge.



Mike McCabe has accepted the chairmanship of this committee.


Click here to view copies of Water Test Reports for the Lodge


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