Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
August 2011 Board Meeting Minutes
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Onondaga Ski Club

Meeting Minutes

2 August 2011


Present:   Jack Lancette,  John Tuttle, John Sonne, Dawn Penniman, Mark Bidwell, Caitlin Devendorf, Al Smith, Art Toll, Pat Ray Toll, Joann Butler

Guests:   Bob Wiley

Excused:  Neville Sachs,  Leo Naylor, Dave Devendorf, Mary Ann Zeppetello,

Not present:  Scott Severance, Marv Patnode


The meeting started at 7:15:12 PM. The minutes were approved with no corrections.


Treasurer Report

John Tuttle will mail the monthly financial reports to Board members. There were no questions.

President’s Remarks

President Lancette presented a list of all the committees and their members to the Board.

Committee Reports


The membership stands  at 686. No new database for membership but plans are to institute a new database system pending a report from Dave Devendorf and Marv Patnode. There was some discussion on this current new process will be accomplished.


Lodge Report

There was no report on the facilities. The lodge usage was up.


IT Committee

Marv Patnode had circulated the report on the research on new membership software.

John Tuttle made a motion to authorize the expenditure of $9.95 per month for a membership database system; seconded by Dawn Penniman. Motion carried unanimously.


Membership Benefits

Discounted lift tickets for VT.  Art Toll described the program and reiterated that there was one month left to make purchases.


Unfinished Business

Club Logo

Caitlin Devendorf was able to be rate some quick examples of a logo and presented some mock ups at the meeting. The suggestion was made to solicit ideas from the general membership - perhaps even examples. The action will be taken through the marketing committee. An October date was suggested. An initial explanation of the intent for the logo was suggested by Joann Butler.


Warren Miller Film

President Lancette presented some initial level of marketing for the Warren Miller fundraiser. Marv was not present to describe the program. The was some interest in participating as a marketing tool for OSC.


New business

Bob Wiley introduced the idea of more articles for the September Boomer with a call for more articles.                

Notice that John Baker is running the kayak program for OSC. John Whelan will run trips as a co-leader.

Fall Fling: There will be combined Road Rally Fall fling combined event. October. 16 place to be determined. The Don Elliot group will provide entertainment.

Dawn Penniman queried about introducing charitable organizations and giving them an opportunity to speak at monthly meetings. There was not much enthusiasm for this effort.

Jack Lancette asked for the guidance about reimbursing Glen White for the flowers that Glenn sent to the family of Heinz.  Mark Bidwell moved reimburse Glen; seconded by Steve Knowles, passed unanimously.

Suggestion was made for a Sunshine Committee to respond to ill members. Jack will set up committee with Pat Ray Toll as chairperson.


The meeting adjourned at 8:17:21. The next meeting will be at the Dewitt Library  at 7:00 p.m. Sept 6, 2011.


Respectfully submitted,

John E. Sonne, Secretary

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