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 Biking on Wednesday Evenings

Biking is another great activity to keep the legs in shape and have fun while doing it. Throughout the spring and summer, our biking leaders, Jan Carr and Larry Harrison, spend many hours planning the biking routes, with generally three different ride levels starting and ending at their designated meeting places.

The organization of the rides and the meetings afterward with great food will keep you coming back week after week.

Check out the weekly biking schedule on the Club Calendar. It can be accessed either by clicking the tab at the top of this page or by clicking the button below. You can make your plans for the entire summer by looking at the yearly biking schedule. The yearly biking schedule can be accessed by clicking here.

If you want to find out what's going on at the moment, pose a question, or have an online dialog with others who are interested in cycling, you can go to the Cycling Forum. The cycling forum can be accessed by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

2016 Bike Schedule
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2016 OSC Bike Schedule*

Date Location Time Ride Leader
April 13, 20, 27 East Syracuse Minoa HS   5:30 PM Greg & Kathy Chapin 
 May 1  Turkey RIde at Jan's 11:00 AM    Jan Carr
 May 4
 Oneida Shores  6:00 PM Jan & Larry 
May 11 Oneida Shores 6:00 PM John & Gail P.
 May 18
 Tully, Burger King  6:00 PM

Marian J & Bob W

May 25 Tully Burger King 6:00 PM

Need Volunteer

 June 1

Lysander Park

 6:00 PM

 Jan & Larry

June 8

Lysander Park

6:00 PM

Need Volunteer

June 15

Lysander Park

6:00 PM

Need Volunteer

June 18

John Baker Ride TBD John Baker

 June 22

 Marcellus Park  6:00 PM  Bill Beaudin

 June 25

 Kingston Ride

 9:00 AM

 Jan & Larry

June 29

Marcellus Park

6:00 PM

Bill Beaudin

July 3

Jan's 4th of July Party



July 6

 Onondaga Lake Park  6:00 PM

 K & T Murray

July 9

Panagakis Ride/party TBD

John & Gail P.

July 13

Onondaga Lake  Park 6:00 PM

Need Volunteer

 July 20
 Great Northern Mall  6:00 PM

 Jan & Larry

 July 23

 Pittsford Canal Ride  TBD

 Jan & Larry

July 27

Great Northern Mall 6:00 PM

Jan & Larry

 August 3,17  Reed Webster Park  6:00 PM  Jan & Larry
Aug 10 Reed Webster Park 6:00 PM S & C Knowles
 August 6  Ride Around Oneida Lake  9:00 AM  Jan & Larry
 August 24
 Onondaga Lake Park  5:45 PM  Jan & Larry
Aug 27 Fernwood Bash 10:00 AM Cheryl Bloomer
Aug 31 Onondaga Lake Park 5:45 PM Need Volunteer
 Sept. 7  Green Lakes State Park  5:30 PM  Jan & Larry
Sept 14 Green Lakes State Park 5:30 PM Need Volunteer
Sept 21 Green Lakes State Park 5:30 PM Need Volunteer
 Sept 28  Spaghetti Warehouse Wrap Up Party  5:30 PM  Jan & Larry

 *See complete details of ride on the calendar

OSC Bike Maps
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Below are suggested bike routes for different start locations.  You must logon to the website with your Nickname and password to access them.  Click on the link and print the map


Camillus 2

Camillus 3

Camillus 4

Camillus 5

Camillus 6

Camillus 7






Great Northern 1

Great Northern 2

Great Northern 3

Great Northern 4

Great Northern 5

Great Northern 6

Great Northern 7

Lakeland 1

Lakeland 2

Lakeland 3

Lakeland 4

Lakeland 5

Lakeland 6

Lakeland 7

Lakeland 8

Longbranch 1

Longbranch 1A

Longbranch 3

Longbranch 7

Longbranch 8

Longbranch 9

Longbranch 10

Longbranch 11

Longbranch 12

Longbranch 13

Longbranch 14

Longbranch 15

Longbranch 16

Longbranch 17

Lysander 1

Lysander 2

Lysander 3

Lysander 4

Lysander 5

Marcellus 1A

Marcellus 2

Marcellus 2A

Oneida Shores 1

Oneida Shores 2

Oneida Shores 3

Oneida Shores 4

Oneida Shores 5

Tully 1

Tully 1A

Tully 1B

Tully 2

Tully 3

Tully 3A




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